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A welcome message from the Founder, Devon Golden

I’m so excited that you are here! Know that you have found the right place and I am inviting you to make use of our services.

I grew up as a medium, however, as someone who seeks truth, I have completed training in a number of modalities; Animal Communication, Aromatherapy, Freedom Techniques, Meditation, Psychic Awakening, Reiki, Tarot, and many others.
When using my services, you may encounter one or more of these aspects of my work and I trust that you will benefit from them in a wholesome way. 


My journey began with a desire to learn how to communicate with animals on a deeper level.  I am now working in raising vibrations and growing a desire in people’s hearts to communicate with their inner self and their own animal friends.


Animal Communication is an ancient aspect of who we are, something forgotten in exchange for language and misunderstood “dominion” as human beings. I wish to help people, either in a service-based way or via teaching, to re-engage with a long-lost gift.


I currently offer mediumship readings that can range from bringing through a passed over loved one, to answering life-questions, or helping guide you to gain more clarity in a situation. 

Healing Services

I offer a range of Spiritual Healing Services both in person, online, or via distance. Energy has no constraints and doesn’t require physical attendance for effectiveness. 


Receive your Service Online or In-Person

What people are saying…

Devon is truly amazing! I needed closure on my dog’s passing. He provided that for me with integrity and compassion. Devon was accurate and received messages that no one else could have known. I even cried! Devon, you are a rare gem!
May you always continue to shine light on those that need it!
Thank you! Blessed be!

Ruth Ablan

Working with Devon was fantastic. He did a very thoughtful, sensitive, patient, and compassionate reading for two of my babies that really helped me understand them better. It is clear that Devon loves what he does and genuinely cares about the families and animals that he works with. Devon’s services are wonderful and I would recommend him to everyone without any hesitation. Thank you so much Devon.

Taylor M. Roh

Devon did a reading for my cat and I loved the way he delivered it!

Made me aware of some aspects of her I was unaware of and got me some insight into why she does certain things..

I really loved it and highly recommend him.

Billie-jo Langridge

Devon was able to speak with my cat, Fluff. He helped me realize that he would like more time in the house with us. I have been letting him inside for longer periods of time since the conversation and he seems a lot happier. I found it very funny that Fluff realizes our house rules and maybe someday he’ll be allowed to explore our house more.

Marissa Hardy