About Devon

About Devon

Devon Golden

Devon is a South African born animal communicator/energy psychologist who grew up making up conversations with animals in his head.

It wasn’t until he began to realize that these voices weren’t his own that he begin an education to learn to accurately interpret information received from animals so that he could further enjoy this gift that we all have.

In search of this journey, Devon began an education with Wynter Worstthorne before commencing work as a professional animal communicator.

Devon’s journey began with a desire to learn how to communicate with animals on a deeper level, but then expanded in wanting to help people better understand and engage with their own animal friends. It is with this goal that Devon began teaching others how to communicate with their pets and other animal friends alike. Usually, in making use of Devon’s services, he will also provide some exercises to work with in your own time upon completion of the service.

” The authentic self will come through when you’re no longer performing, pretending, or denying—when you are true to yourself. Being authentic is a moment-to-moment proposition. It’s a never ending journey. “

~ Michelle Olak

Containing a desire to understand truth and seek forgotten knowledge, Devon furthered his education into other Energy Psychology modalities. Although his focus is on animal communication, Devon also offers services and teaches other modalities which are helpful to human and non-human animal’s alike.

Currently based in South Korea, Devon is working in raising awareness and growing a desire in people’s hearts to communicate with their inner self, their own animal friends as well as relate to the nature surrounding them in a more loving and life-changing way.