Animal Communication

Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication, also known as interspecies communication, is not something only a few of us can do. Rather, it is an ancient aspect of who we are, something forgotten in exchange for language and misunderstood “dominion” as human beings.

The moment we decided that we were better than animals, we began to lose our connection with them in this special way. It is based on this philosophy that I wish to help people, either in a service-based way or in teaching people to re-engage with a long-lost gift.

The science of quantum physics suggests that everything; thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, is an energy contained in its own frequency. Animal communication is about connecting, or becoming “in-tune” with these frequencies so that we are able to understand ourselves and other species on a deeper level.

This communication doesn’t happen in the same manner as our languages do. Instead, it is a language of love. Usually, communication happens in the form of pictures, smells, words, feelings, emotions, etc. Interpreting this information is how we communicate with and understand non-human animals. It is in this same way that we can send information to them

Removing ourselves from ego

One of the most important steps in communicating with animals is to remove ourselves from the chair of power.

To step down from an apparent overbearing “dominion.”
Instead, we need to live in harmony with the animals and love them for the sentient beings they are.

“There is not a jungle without its Genie, there is not a tree without its creature, its powers and its intelligence…
There is not a tree without a soul… Every plant is a physical body of an elemental creature of Nature….
Every plant has a soul, and the souls of the plants enclose all the powers of the Mother Goddess of the World…
The souls of the plants are the elementals of Nature. These innocent creatures have not yet departed from Eden, and for this reason, they have not yet lost their igneous powers…
The elementals of the plants play as innocent children amidst the ineffable melodies of the Mother Goddess of the World’s great Eden.
We delight ourselves with the aromas of the fire. Thus, we arise full of ecstasy towards the ineffable joy of Nirvana.
There is nothing in this ardent creation that is without a soul…”

~Igneous Rose by Samuel Aun Weor

What to Expect

Initially I will “tune in” to your animal friend to receive as much general information as possible; this will usually include how they are feeling physically and emotionally at that time. I will then read any questions you may have and if they have not been answered in the initial communication I will go back to see if they are able to be answered at that time.
Once as much information as possible has been received, I will email you the communications. If you prefer, you can make a Skype appointment to discuss anything that has come up.

Please also be advised that information from the animals come in various ways. It can be images, songs or words that may have a symbolic meaning rather than an actual physical interpretation. There may also be things that cannot be validated immediately. If so, I ask that you take note and remain aware as it may be something that comes up in the future or something that you may have forgotten. You are welcome to let me know if it makes sense at a later date.

On health issues

Legally, I cannot diagnose an ailment, but am able to pick up on physical symptoms and feelings which may help your veterinarian with diagnosis. Any remedies that may be suggested to help with any particular health issues needs to be checked with your holistic veterinarian. Animal Communication does not replace veterinary care, but can work well alongside it.


I have developed and am the creator of Animal Matrix Reimprinting. During an animal healing session, we will work together in tuning into your animal friends higher-self and working with memories (usually of trauma) that may be affecting your animal friend. We will heal these memories by rewriting them in the matrix so that the belief, which causes the issues at hand, no longer poses a problem.

On behaviour issues

Please be aware that animal communication is not about controlling an animal in order to get them to do what you want them to do. It is about helping you to understand your animal friend better, and vice versa. If you can understand the reason for certain behaviours, and they understand yours, then there are ways of creating compromise so that you and your animal friend can have a more harmonious relationship.

On missing animals

I can usually get a sense of if the animal has crossed over or not, however depending on the animal, it is often difficult to tell because for me the world of spirit can feel very physical. When there is uncertainty, I will ask them to show you, their human, that they are okay. I will help guide your animal friend to you rather than tracking the animal, as they are often on the move and it becomes a game of chasing a wild goose, which can be more stressful than helpful. If they are in Spirit, I find that they will often come to their humans in a dream, which can help to bring closure if the body cannot be found.

I will often get a set of clues from the animal to let you know what has happened to them or where they are at that time. However, the most success I have had is when the animals are supported and guided home by reassuring them that it is safe. 99% of the time there is a reason why animals leave, and sometimes, they do not want to come back home unless some changes and reassurances are made.